Alianza por la Solidaridad Alliance for Solidarity
Alliance for Solidarity was created with the vocation of working to reach a better and more sustainable world for all, regardless of where one is born or decides to live.
At Alliance for Solidarity we invest all our time, understanding, experience and creativity to defend and guarantee global rights in all parts of the world and for all people.

We dedicate our efforts to the defense of migrant rights, women’s rights in all parts of the world, sustainability of the environment, and the defense of the rights of people affected by humanitarian crises.

GVC combats poverty and injustice by working with individuals, social forces, governments, and local administrations, in order to collectively assume the responsibility of the present and future, creating a culture of autonomy and cooperation that fortifies the independence and liberty of all people.

We believe that awareness has the capacity to make us see the world from new perspectives, in order to learn that respecting people and the environment, in a closely connected North and South, is not all that different from respecting yourself.

Volonteurope is an international network promoting volunteering, active citizenship and social justice in Europe and beyond. Volonteurope works at all levels, from the local to the international, and across the public, private and third sectors. We facilitate exchange, foster collaboration, and carry out research and advocacy.

Volonteurope currently has over 50 members in more than 20 countries across Europe. Established in the Netherlands in 1981, Volonteurope’s Secretariat is hosted by Volunteering Matters, the UK’s leading volunteering charity in policy and practice.

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) was begun by Sándor Szenczy and supported by the Hungarian Baptist Church and officially registered at the Court of Fejér County in 1996. Since its inception, as the Deed of Foundation records, the goal of HBAid has been to help people in need within and outside Hungary, following Jesus Christ’s command of love.

Beginning with its first donation of 5000 Ft, HBAid grew to be one of the largest aid organizations in Hungary. As a public benefit organization, working with 3000 full-time staff members and hundreds of volunteers, the value of the aid’s work can be measured in thousands of millions of HUF.

We’re an international organisation, working with over 15 million people in 45 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. Our head office is in Johannesburg. We’re the only international development organisation with our head office based in Africa. We also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe. We believe the people whose lives our work affects should decide how we’re run. And that’s what makes us different.

We help people use their own power to fight poverty and injustice. Because that’s how real change happens for families, for communities, for whole societies.

The European Guild is a French NGO working in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative. As a certified organisation, the European Guild will send EU Aid Volunteers on missions in disaster affected countries. They are also helping other european organisations to get the certification.

The European Guild was created in 1967. Its main objectives is to promote adventurous spirit, international solidarity and cultural engagement through a number of programs. One of The European Guild’s main activities is to send volunteers all around the world.

Ecuasol is a French-Ecuadorian non-profit, apolitical foundation supported by the structure of a French NGO with 50 years of public recognition: La Guilde du Raid.

Founded in 2002 after having observed the cruel reality that many children are forced to leave school due to lack of money and find themselves obligated to work in the street to help their families economically. We are located in the slums of Quito: Pisuli, La Roldos, Tiwintza, situated in the northeastern part of the capital.