Save the girl child in Hisar, India

Childreach India is running its first own project in a little district of the state Haryana called Hissar, where I will used to work in the next month.
Haryana is a state in North West of Delhi. On one hand it got famous for steel and cotton industries and did a rapid process in education and industrial growth. The average of female literacy is between 60 and 70 %. On the other hand Haryana is also one of the states where the gender equality is the worst. It ranks 15th in poverty and the infant mortality rate is still high at 48 per 1000 infants born, ranks it at 28 among Indian states. But the worst is the sex ratio of 830 per 1000 males. That puts Haryana at the bottom of the pile at 32nd rank. So the socio implications are more than serious: lots of boys/men remaining unmarried. Rapes and buying, selling and reselling of women, as well astrafficking from other states, like West Bengal are usual. Atta Batta is kind of a “mafia” which established because of that big gap of gender to arrange marriages even with under aged girls and kidnapped ones.
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With the support of Jindal Stainless Limited, India’s largest and the only fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer,Childreach India could start the project “Save the girl child” in February 2012 in 3 low cost areas: Surya Nagar and Shiv Nagar [nagar means colony in Hindi]in Hisar Town as well as the Jindal worker’s colony (joined later). Approximately 630 currently married women (CMW) and their families in poor communities join the project to get educated in importance of girl child, gender equality and hazards of unsafe abortions through community-based integrating advocacy, awareness generation, services facilitation and operations research. The project strives to arrest the problem of female feticide and infanticide.
My task there will be to empower the confidences of the adolescent women in the age of 11 to 19 in speaking out for their right to education which begins with the knowledge of English language. I will practice formal conversations with them and discus the necessity of telling complaints and problems by themselves. Another task will be to introduce them to “Girl Guiding”. It’s a program of Childreach International UK which provides all sections of Girl guiding with a chance to learn about issues that affect other girls and young women in India and GB. For that I will teach them to use the internet carefully and increase their expertise of these new media.