How to participate?

The selection process to participate as an EU Aid Volunteer is very simple. Consisting the following steps:









All open vacancies are viewable here. The EU Aid Volunteers platform also provides additional information for each active project.
Click on the vacancy that interests you and you will be redirected to an information page with a similar heading to this:
Here you will find information about the position and selection process. In addition, at the bottom of the page you may download a template for the Europass CV and self-evaluation Excel questionnaire.
Before continuing to the link “APPLY NOW”, complete and save the documents and attach them to the application.
Now you may access the application form through the link “APPLY NOW”. Complete the requested information and attach: a letter of motivation, your Europass CV and the self-evaluation questionnaire with all pages completed.
The receiving organization will receive your application and consider it during the selection process.


After evaluating all applications, a Skype interview will be arranged with preselected candidates.

After this interview, at least one person will be selected to continue onto the training phase.

The vacancy announcement will facilitate approximate dates for the communication of selection results, however, it is possible that this process may be delayed due to an influx of applicants.

In all cases, following the completion of the selection process, all applicants will be informed of the results.


Preselected applicants for each position (EU Aid Volunteer candidates) will receive specialized training.

The process consists of a 30-hour online training and a 9 to 12-day in-person training somewhere in Europe. Prestigious institutions with experience in humanitarian fields will provide the training.

We will consider a number of candidates exceeding the number of vacancies open for deployment in order to create a reservation list to cover possible dismissals or unforeseen circumstances.

The final deployment decision will be announced once all information has been reviewed.

The training dates are specified in each vacancy announcement.

The in-person training expenses (travel within the EU, accomodation expenses, and the course itself) will be completely covered by those providing the training.

If an EU Aid Volunteer candidate is working outside of the EU during the in-person training course the travel expenses for the following circumstances will be completely covered:

EU citizens who legally reside, indefinitely or for a period of time, in a third country (for example, those who live in said country).

EU citizens who are temporarily working in a third country for more than 18 months (for example, those who work in said country).

For the following groups, transport costs will only be covered from an EU country to the training location:

EU citizens with a temporary occupation in a third country that lasts less than 18 months (for example, internships, trainings, short-term jobs).

EU citizens who are selected for training within the same organization (or one of their affiliated) with which they are already working for in a third country, even if the job exceeds 18 months.


Once the information is finalized a final decision will be made regarding the person who will be deployed to the field.

It is essential to pass the training process and become certified as “suitable for deployment”.

Those who have passed but not finally selected will be included in a database and may be deployed in cases of dismissal or need of volunteers with their profile.


Prior to field deployment, EU Aid Volunteers will receive an induction at the sending organization headquarters, in order to become familiar with the foundation and its mission.

Activity expenses (transport, accommodation, maintenance) are covered by the sending organization.


On the agreed date, following induction, the volunteer will be deployed to the field.

There they will also be briefed by the host organization, as well as follow-up and tutoring throughout the process, both on personal and professional/technical levels.

Before returning and after finishing the mission, a debriefing will be conducted in the field.


Upon completion of the mission and return to Europe, the volunteer will receive reentry support (including a payment of 100€ for each month of deployment) and a debriefing from the sending organization.

Volunteers may be required to participate in diffusion activities following deployment.


It is mandatory complete the entire application process for the vacancy of interest, but if you are preselected you are not required to retake the training course.

There is a possibility that you may be contacted directly without having submitted an application in cases of dismissal in missions that fit your profile.


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