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If you want to be a volunteer

Through the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, you can apply for a unique experience in humanitarian action in different countries or remotely.

The initiative offers opportunities of:

In presence


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Open to all European Citizens –or long term residents in the EU– over 18 years with two different profiles: JUNIOR (less of 5 years of professional experience), and SENIOR (at least 5 years of experience).


Volunteers will contribute in different sectors: administration, disaster risk management, gender issues, communication, livelihoods, project management and evaluation, protection, LRRD, climate change, refugees and IDPs, logistics among others, aiming to guarantee support and increase the resilience of local communities.

Full-time commitment and 2 days of vacation per month.


Volunteers will receive a monthly subsistence lump sum intended to cover basic needs and local transport.

Accommodation, Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered.



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Open to all people over 18 interested in giving their time and investing their skills for a humanitarian cause, without leaving home.


Online volunteers can support sending or field offices with tasks in research, graphic design, translation, technology, training, events and campaigns -or any other domain manageable on-line- with the intent of making their work more effective. Once completed the assignment, the online volunteers will receive a certificate.

The commitment can vary, with a minimum of 1 to 5 hours per week.

Financial support is not provided.

How to become a volunteer?

Phase 1


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Check the vacancies (available here)

Click on the vacancy(ies) that interest(s) and you will be redirected to an informational page with details about the position, the project, the country of deployment and the selection process.

Before clicking on the “Apply now” tab, you may download the Europass CV template and the self-evaluation Excel questionnaire.

Complete, save and attach those documents, together with a motivation letter, to the application.


Phase 2


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After evaluating all applications received by the sending organisation, a Skype interview will be arranged with short-listed candidates.

All the short-listed applicants will be informed of the results.

At least one person will be pre-selected and enable to participate to the training.

The final decision will be taken and communicated to the selected applicant.

Phase 3


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The process consists of a 30-hour online training and a 9 to 12-day in-person training in one of the most prestigious European institutions with experience in humanitarian fields.

The training dates are specified in each vacancy description.

All the expenses (travel within the EU, accommodation, food) are covered for residents in Europe.

Phase 4


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Only applicants considered “fit-for-deployment” by the trainers can be considered for the final decision.

The hosting organisation will take the decision, as soon as all information have been reviewed.

Those who have passed but not finally selected will be included in a database and may be deployed in cases of dismissal or need of volunteers with their profile.

Phase 5


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Prior to field deployment, EU Aid Volunteers will receive an induction at the sending organization headquarters, in order to become familiar with the foundation and its mission.

All the expenses are covered.

Phase 6


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Once the volunteer arrives in the country of deployment, he/she will firstly participate in a briefing session with the hosting organisation.

The volunteer will be followed-up along the mission by a mentor and a line-manager, both on personal and professional/technical levels.

Phase 7


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Upon completion of the mission and return to Europe, the volunteer will receive a re-allocated support (including a payment of 100€ for each month of deployment) and a debriefing from the sending organization.

Volunteers may be required to participate in the promotion of the initiative.